Our corporate virtual exchange gives you the same functionality as a traditional one. The slightly smaller company can now benefit from functionality previously only being present and made available to much larger companies and at a much greater cost.


Your phone will connect through your corporate network, via the internet to the virtual exchange. The telephone identity is in your phone, enabling you to connect to your exchange via any internet connection, from your work place, from home, or from abroad. If travelling you can also use a softphone on your computer or a mobile app, offering the greatest flexibility. All of this combined means that wherever you are, you will always be able to use our services, from home or abroad, at your local tariff.

User functions


  • Call forwarding – Directly, after a certain time, or when call busy. Call more than one destination at the same time, or one after another. You choose which number is to be shown when a call is forwarded.
  • Voice mailbox – Receive message via email, with the voice recording attached.
  • Call filtering – On incoming calls, choose if all calls or calls from hidden numbers must state their name or number before the call is accepted.
  • Call block – Block according to allow/block list. Block hidden numbers.
  • Conference calls (optional add-on) – The user can via the portal see connected calls, block and drop users, as well as control the volume for each connection.
  • Contacts – Save and organise your contacts in private and corporate groups.
  • Call recording (optional add-on) – Record your calls, selectively per-call, or all calls by default.
  • Fax service (optional add-on) – Send fax by uploading a pdf.
  • Call history – Call history available for incoming, dialed, busy, answered, or not answered.

System functions


  • Welcome message – Incoming callers receive a welcome message before the call is connected, to an IVR, Search Group, or an Extension.
  • IVR – A flexible menu system is available to guide your customers to the right department.
  • Search Groups – Dial different extentions in a pre-configured order.
  • Function Codes – Control the exchange functionality directly from your phone.
  • Special Extentions – Extentions can be configured to be non-personal.
  • Conference Room – Configure a number to be used as a conference room for easy multi party calls.
  • Queue Groups – Let users and agents log in and out of defined queues as needed. 
  • Waiting Music – Define messages, or music to be played while calls waiting to be connected, or in a queue.
  • Call Recording – Record your calls, selectively per-call, or all calls by default.
  • Multiple Numbers – Assign multiple numbers to a single extension.
  • Auto Provisioning – Your telephone will be automatically provisioned from the system.
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) – See which colleagues are busy on a call, or free. 
  • Fax – Incoming fax will be converted to an email and attached to a predefined recipient.


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