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Welcome as a telephony customer with miniTel!

As a telephony customer with miniTel, we want you to feel safe with your decision and with the products and services we sell. To that end, miniTel has chosen the well known vendors Cisco and Fritz! as our hardware partners, both with a big presence on the world market. The products and services we offer are well tested and verified to function together, without any compromises in quality and dependability. Find more info about our telephony products here.

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Blekinge/Övriga Sverige


Home phone “mini”

To fixed destinations: 0,19 kr/min

To mobiles: 0,49 kr/min

Start fee: 0,39 kr

Rates abroad ->

69 kr/month


Home phone “max”

To fixed destinations: 0 kr/min

To mobiles: 0,19 kr/min

Start fee: 0 kr

Rates abroad ->

159 kr/month


Home phone “wex”

To fixed destinations: 0,09 kr/min

To mobiles: 0,19 kr/min

Start fee: 0 kr

Rates abroad ->

39 kr/month


Benefits from choosing fixed telephony from miniTel

Experienced supplier

Between us, we at miniTel have an experience spanning many years, working with telecom solutions, both in the private and corporate sector.  

Affordable pricing

We offer competitive and affordable rates to all destinations, domestic as well as international. 

Adapted to your needs

Want to keep you old telephone number or your existing local telephone equipment? We will help you with a solution based on your needs.

How to order

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Read here for more info on how to activate your account in the city portal.

If you have not registered for an account on your portal, do so before proceeding to step 2.

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