Corporate solutions

miniTel offers corporate solutions for internet and telephony


Our exchange solution is available to companies on a monthly rental basis.  Companies use their own virtual exchange with the amount of extensions they need. This makes it easy for the company to at any moment decide to grow their business and only ever pay for the needed capacity.  The technology is SIP, often called VoIP, or IP-telephony. All that’s needed is an IP-enabled telephone, a mobile app, or a converter box from old analogue technology.

Call Centre

miniTel offers the most affordable Call Centre solution on the market. Please contact us and we’ll guide you towards your most cost efficient solution. With our extensive experience in the field, we can guarantee that your needs will be met.

SMS Services

Whether your company has the new business need for sending SMS, or want to lower your existing costs for SMS, please contact miniTel and we’ll find a competitive pricing and solution for you.
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