Operational Status

Our connections are constantly monitored, to make sure our customers receive the speeds paid for.

For information on the current operational disruption, please click on the respective utility company above.
If you can’t find any information on ongoing issues, you are welcome to submit a fault report to miniTel below.

Operational information and fault reporting


 We currently have no reported operational disruptions.

About miniTel’s broadband connections

Our network is constantly monitored to ensure a high quality delivery of the speeds our customers have the right to expect, please click the link above corresponding to your city network for current operational status and known issues.
With miniTel, there are no “lowest expected speed”, you will get what you pay for.
We are confident in our service and know our customers are as well.
Because of that, we don’t require our customers to sign up for an extended period of time, our customers may stop the subscription at any time with no penalties, but we are confident enough that our customers choose to stay with us.

As our customer, you have everything to gain, we always strive for customer satisfaction.

Our promise

Please test us on the independent site bredbandskollen.se.
In order to get a fair representation of your true connection speed, please make three different tests about an hour in between each.
Please also note that we can only keep our promise to our customers when using a fixed cable connection to the computer.
WiFi connection speeds depend on many things and will not show the true speed delivered from us to your home.

Should you feel that you get less than you pay for, please contact Customer Services on 0455-655 400, we will be happy to help you find the issue.

Some general checks you as a customer can do yourself

  • Check your settings on your computer
  • Make sure your operating system is fully updated and patched
  • Make sure you use the latest available drivers for your network card
  • Make sure your computer and components can support the delivered speed
  • Check your computer for viruses and other malware
  • Check your cables and connections, make sure they are correctly inserted and not broken



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