About us

About us

miniTel AB is a local supplier, based in Karlskrona, of broadband connections and IP-based telephony solutions, in the city networks in Blekinge and Småland.

Our telephony services are available in all of Sweden, regardless of which internet service provider you already have.

Our customers are both private and corporate and in both cases we will make sure to find a solution suited for the need of the specific customer.

Some of our key values:

  • We strive for an open and transparent relationship with our customers.
  • We strive to uphold efficient means of contact and fast response times.
  • We strive to, at all times, offer competitive pricing and services.

In short, we deeply care about our common relationship with our customers, to create the common experience of a partnership, with the goal and aim to have it benefit us both, both in the short term, as well as going forward.


miniTel AB

Campus Gräsvik 2
371 41 Karlskrona

miniTel Customer Service:
Mon-Fri, excl bank holidays: 09:00-17:00


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Registered with PTS

miniTel AB

Gullbernavägen 22A
371 47 Karlskrona


Campus Gräsvik 2
371 41 Karlskrona
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Weekdays 09:00-17:00

Email: support@minitel.se

Organisation number: 559010-7024

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