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What is IP-telephony?

A common term is Voice Over IP, abbreviated VoIP, which simply put means a telephony service over the internet.

IP-telephony means that you place and receive your calls via your internet connection instead of an old phone jack using copper wires.
Whether you use a cordless or a fixed phone, all you have to do is to connect it to our adapter instead of the old phone jack.
If you have more than one phone, connect the adapter to the first jack instead and you can then use IP-telephony as before, on all phones.
The adapter is connected to the internet connection and that’s all that’s needed.
Instead of using existing phones, there are mobile apps available to bring your subscription with you wherever you are.

What is the difference between IP-telephony and traditional telephony?

IP-telephony uses the internet to establish a connection between two subscribers whereas traditional telephony uses the copper wires which is the old system historically used throughout Sweden.
If you have an internet connection you are ready to use an IP-based telephony service, either through an IP-enabled telephone, or existing analogue phones, using a telephone adapter.
That is to say, An IP-telephone connects to your internet instead of a traditional telephone jack, and that is really the biggest difference.
One other key benefit is that if both parties use an IP-based service, the call and sound quality is decidedly better.

Do I have to throw my old telephone?

The short answer is no, you do not need to replace your old equipment in order to use IP-telephony.
By using our Analogue Telephone Adapter, ATA, you can continue using your existing telephone as before.
The choice is yours, if you wish to continue using your existing analogue phones, we recommend the Cisco SPA-112 ATA-box.
The other option is a dedicated IP-telephone, with more functionality, we recommend Gigaset C530IP for this purpose. 
Whichever option you choose we have the necessary equipment available and will be more than happy to find what’s best for you.
A third option is using your mobile app in order to bring your subscription with you wherever you happen to be as long as you have an active internet connection.

Is it required to have an internet/broadband subscription to use IP-telephony?

Yes and no, the requirements are different depending on which city network you are connected to. 

If you have a city network connection in Blekinge, i.e. , Karlskrona, Ronneby, or Karlshamn, an internet subscription is Not required in order to use IP-telephony. What is needed is the physical fibre connection, but not a separate internet subscription.

However, should you choose to have an internet connection as well, with miniTel as the ISP of choice, you will have the best of both worlds at at discounted price.

If you do Not have a physical connection to any of the above city networks, then Yes, you Do need an active internet connection in order to place and receive calls.


Why use IP-telephony instead of a traditional subscription?

The main reasons for switching to IP-telephony with miniTel are price and flexibility.
Regardless of the amount of minutes used per month, our IP-telephony service Will save you money.
Flexibility comes as a result of using a mobile app, enabling our customers to place and receive calls wherever they happen to be, at the same rates, whether at home or whilst travelling abroad.

Is IP-telephony only available for fixed phones?

No, by using a mobile app you are able to place and receive calls using your home phone number wherever you are in the world, at the same low rates as always, all you need is an active internet connection.

Can I keep my old telephone number?

Of course, if you wish to keep your existing telephone number, we will help with the transfer to miniTel AB.
Should you require a new telephone number, we can provide that as well, miniTel AB is registered with PTS and have our own number series with full coverage in all area codes.

Do I need to create a new or separate contact list in order to use the mobile application?

No, you will be able to use your existing contact list in your phone, or dial manually on a per-call basis.


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