Internet for companies in Småland

Internet for companies in Småland

As a corporate customer in the Wexnet city network, you will have access to a fast and dependable service, enabling both your company and your customers to have a high quality in your service delivery. You will always receive fixed and public IP’s, depending on your needs.

miniTel 10/10

329 kr/month
excl. VAT


miniTel 100/100

499 kr/month
excl. VAT


miniTel 250/250

1199 kr/month
excl. VAT


Benefits from choosing internet from miniTel

Prompt service

Our focus is our customers. We are only a quick phone call away ready to provide the best possible service.

Attractive pricing

We offer our customer a competitive and affordable pricing for all our products and services.

Local presence

miniTel is a local total supplier of both internet and telephony for private persons and companies alike.


Campus Gräsvik 8
371 41 Karlskrona
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Weekdays 09:00-17:00


Organisation number: 559010-7024

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