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Number porting consent form


In order to continue using your existing number with your subscription with miniTel, please fill out the form below and send it to us at miniTel.

This signed consent form enables miniTel AB to initiate the process of transferring the number from the existing operator.
Considering the fact that the internal processes can, and do, differ between operators, miniTel always advice our customers to contact their existing operator themselves, ahead of time and set a cancellation date for the subscription.
This to be made aware if there’s time left on the existing contract, extra costs for cancellation and so on, or absolutely necessary for the operator to even allow the transfer to a new operator, in this case miniTel.

Once this date is set, make sure to use that date, or any date prior to this on the Consent form, since if the existing subscription is cancelled first, by mistake or otherwise, it can not be ported, unless the existing operator agrees to it, and releases the old number, which might or might not incur extra costs for the customer, or might not be possible at all.

In order to guarantee a successful transfer, miniTel needs this signed consent form at least 2 weeks prior to the date of transfer.

It is also vital that the person signing the consent form, absolutely must be the same as the one responsible for the subscription, otherwise the records won’t match with the existing operator, and the transfer can not proceed.

The porting fee of 200 SEK will be specified and added to the next regular invoice.


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